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This is the stunning work of American photographer Jehad Nga His Turkana series, is a portrait of a diminishing Kenyan tribe in a purpose-built, darkened off hut, so that the viewer is confronted with the individuals and not distracted by the dire surroundings of people suffering.

Forgotten by a government that hardly felt their own, Kenya’s Turkana tribe is withering in numbers as a drought devastates the Horn of Africa. In Kenya Turkana is without question the worst hit area that is feeling the full force of the drought. Little to no aid has reached many of the areas and food supplies intended for distribution to the Turkana are becoming impossible to organize.

Says Nga:

A week after visiting Turkana in Sept I learned that some of the people I had shot had died as a result of water shortage and starvation. I decide to return to the same village I had previously visited to document through portraits in the clearest possible light the people and faces that are at risk of disappearing as a result this disaster.

I chose to remove them completely from their environment by using a freestanding hut they had built as a space to take the photos. Not wanting the harsh terrain to be a defining factor, I preferred to shoot in a way that would allow them as people to be the only process able information inside the frame.

The exhibition was staged at the Bonni Benrubi gallery from  May 13th to June 16 2010.

None of the images have been digitally manipulated or altered.

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