sad in this day and age


On Thursday, June 20th, my mother, sister and I left New York and landed in Piarco International Airport in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago around 2PM. Upon receiving my baggage, a verbal altercation began between myself, my mother and a customs officer at the airport’s exit. Such occurred due to the officer’s blatantly rude treatment. 

Suddenly, a man ran up to me and grabbed me by the shoulder/neck area, hit me and shouted at me for “inappropriately speaking to a customs officer”. Everything happened so quickly, most things are a blur. But my mother, maternal instincts fully kicked in, screamed and cried and struggled to get me away from this man. She assumed he was a robber or some sort of madman. Later on we learned that this man was a plain clothes officer. Please note, this man ran up to me from behind, so I hadn’t seen his…

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