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VIDEO: Seyi Shay – “Irawo”

Check out the brand new video for “Iramo” by British-born Nigerian artist Seyi Shay featuring Ijesha. Set on the beautiful Atlantic shores of Lagos, the Clarence A. Peters directed short, is an effects filled-glitz punctuated high energy (but at times Beyonce-esque) choreography and an easy-to-follow storyline.

In the video, we see the sexy Seyi Shay washed up on shore to find herself in a strange island. Thereafter, she is captured by hefty men who present her to the King (Ikenna Bryan Okwara), to be kept as his ‘plaything.’

The inspiration came from the 1988 hit “Rumba Dance” by another popular Nigerian artist, Mike Okri.

Introducing Seyi Shay:

Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua,  known as “Seyi Shay”, was born in London to Nigerian parents. Her mother is half Fulani, half Tapa and her father is Yoruba from Ile Ife. She attended primary school in Nigeria, before returning to the UK to finish secondary school.  She then went on to study Business Management.

Seyi Shay has toured with the likes of P. Diddy and Beyoncé in the UK, and has written and worked with a number of industry heavyweights like Justin Timberlake, Brian Michael Cox, Darey, Bilal, Michelle Williams and Chipmunk.

She was formerly the lead singer of British Pop/R&B girl group From Above which was signed to Sony/Columbia Record company and Music World Entertainment owned by Beyoncé‘s father; Matthew KnowlesFrom Above also had an MTV reality show, “Breaking From Above” which aired in over 166 countries worldwide.

Now, the singer/songwriter and producer is under Flytime Music and poised to release her debut solo album. She has already recorded a number of songs with top Nigerian producers like Jay Sleek, Tee-y Mix, Del B and Cobhams Asoquo.


Jehad Nga: Turkana

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This is the stunning work of American photographer Jehad Nga His Turkana series, is a portrait of a diminishing Kenyan tribe in a purpose-built, darkened off hut, so that the viewer is confronted with the individuals and not distracted by the dire surroundings of people suffering. Continue reading “Jehad Nga: Turkana”

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