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NEW Features!

Weekly Wisdom

I would like to introduce you to new feature of my blog called ‘Weekly Wisdom’ where I will bring you teachable and  inspirational moments, quotes and other tidbits.

TEDxYouth@Bridgetown – Wisdom Shared

I promised to bring you coverage from TEDxYouth@Bridgetown so I will be sharing with you a bit of the wit, wisdom and warmth which I gained from the various TEDsters in the new segment.

(and yes Hi! I’m back again! Sorry to have disappeared again – but hey life of a University student can be quite overwhelming and hectic)


Book Corner

You can check out what I’m currently reading via my Goodreads Shelf (there’s a widget on right of this post) or even keep track of and join my 2013 reading challenge. My current goal is 35 books. I will also be review and recommending at least one book a month for you to read and hopefully enjoy as I have.

Music Corner

Musical Artist or Musician of the Month, Album reviews. New artist spotlight, anything goes over here once it’s music related.

Stay tuned! Anything else can happen! Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion anytime.



2013 Reading Challenge

Books (Photo credit: henry…)

Soo – I decided at the start of this year I was going to set a goal and challenge myself to have read that number of books by year’s end. Using Goodreads own challenge page to keep track of my progress and even record my end and start dates, I can easily share where I’m at and what books I’ve read so far.

My goal is 35 books which would average out to be about 3 books a month.

So far I’ve only read 3 for the year and am 5 books behind. Will I reach my goal?

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