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Born to Die by Daniel Boxill

…and sorrows run down your face,
onto my shoulder,
into my heart.
I share your pain as we embrace

Crimson stains spread,
dyeing my love with increasing fear.
Regrets drip from the handle bridging our abdomens.
The blade buried in you deeper than my love could heal.
Gladiator games we played, distractions;
an empire crumbled, burned,
as we fought ourselves.
Drunken orgies of flesh and glass;
Cocaine showers, toxic habits became routine.


tears, shampoo showers,

soap suds sex, tears ,

slap, scratch, scream, tears…


…and we knelt at a burning altar.
We snorted our vows.
Powdered pledges
We wed in elevated bliss, smoky rings of Mary Jane exchanged.

Red and blue flashes;
Sirens pierce the silent summer heat.
Curious eyes and gossiping tongues are drawn into the street.
Our burning passions set fire to fragile suburban utopia.
Lost souls prostituted to addiction in search of happiness;
Minds possessed by paranoia,
You became the demon I tried to fight
And I think I became yours.
Cocaine showers help toxic seeds to bloom.


tears, demonic highs,

possession and visions, tears ,

slam, slap, scream, tears…


…and I cut my wrists
You die. I die
You are my life!
I clutch your body to mine as everything around us burns.

You and I,
We were born to die.


© Daniel Boxill 2012. All rights reserved.


Hello again world!

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Life imitates art and art imitates life. In this cycle we are all placed into, sometimes one or the other becomes mundane. Sometimes a different viewpoint, a fresh approach or little inspiration is all one needs to change the mundane into beautiful and exciting. Feel free to be inspired.

D. A. Boxill

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